Thursday, December 21, 2006

JavaPolis: Great conference!

I am back again from JavaPolis 2006. It has been a great conference. Belgium is always worth a visit if you like good food, chocolate and beer but JavaPolis is definitely also worth a visit.

The contents of this year's conference was really good (although I have already complained about the lack of Eclipse content :-) ).

The JavaPolis team had improved a lot on the practical matters:

  • Short breaks had been scheduled between the conference sessions so that it was actually possible to get from one room to the other in time

  • The speakers were kept on a tight schedule - they weren't allowed to exceed their time slot

  • The food was a lot better and in adequate supply

  • There was wireless internet (although the quality was questionable - they already know this...)

  • There were tables with power outlets where you could use your laptop in the breaks

I have a few suggestions for next year's conference:

  • Set up LAN cables at the tables. This might lower the load on the wireless network

  • Clearly state in the conference program whether a speaker represents a product. I attended (at least in part) several sessions which were in fact product presentations in disguise (the talks were not on the Partner track where this is to be expected). This is quite annoying! It is OK when you know in advance what you are in for (I saw an excellent presentation on Adobe Flex).

Thanks a lot to the JavaPolis team for a great job!

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