Wednesday, December 13, 2006

JavaPolis: Where is Eclipse?

I'm a bit amazed to see the number of sessions on Eclipse on this year's JavaPolis.

A search through the conference guide shows three sessions which include the word Eclipse in the description. Of these, two are product presentations on JBuilder 2007 and the Adobe Flex 2.0 development tool (which are both built on Eclipse). The third is on a framework based on Eclipse RCP. Erich Gamma might be expected to mention Eclipse in his keynote on Thursday.

Apart from these sessions there is nothing on Eclipse. I know that there are conferences specifically on Eclipse (EclipseCon, EclipseWorld, both in the U.S., and Eclipse Forum Europe), but still I would have expected to see more Eclipse related content on a general Java conference.

Considering the amount of work taking place in the Eclipse community and the number of projects (a quick count shows ten top-level projects), I wouldn't say that everything has been said on the subject. OK, maybe I'm just a bit disappointed...

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Robin Mulkers said...

Hi Jesper,
Eclipse was much deeply covered at Javapolis 2005 where there was an entire track dedicated to it. The DVD is still available for purchase. This year, it was not our focus. We focused on SOA and Web2.0/Ajax.
Maybe next year :-)
Kind regards.
Robin Mulkers
Javapolis Steering member